A Sort Of Homecoming
April 21st, 2014
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Photos: Modus Vivendi (1×19) – Additional HQ Stills

I’ve uploaded 4 additional High Quality stills from last night’s episode to the gallery. Check them out by clicking the thumbnails below:

thumb 00010 Photos: Modus Vivendi (1x19)   Additional HQ Stills thumb 00009 Photos: Modus Vivendi (1x19)   Additional HQ Stills thumb 00007 Photos: Modus Vivendi (1x19)   Additional HQ Stills thumb 00008 Photos: Modus Vivendi (1x19)   Additional HQ Stills

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Photos: Modus Vivendi (1×19) – HD Logoless Screencaptures

I’ve uploaded over 1,700 HD Logoless screencaptures from last night’s episode to the gallery. What did you guys think of the episode? Did you enjoy the twist at the end? Check out the screencaptures by clicking the thumbnails below:

thumb 00063 Photos: Modus Vivendi (1x19)   HD Logoless Screencaptures thumb 00141 Photos: Modus Vivendi (1x19)   HD Logoless Screencaptures thumb 00262 Photos: Modus Vivendi (1x19)   HD Logoless Screencaptures thumb 00387 Photos: Modus Vivendi (1x19)   HD Logoless Screencaptures thumb 00584 Photos: Modus Vivendi (1x19)   HD Logoless Screencaptures

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Interview: Peyton List With Collider

Collider:  With things ramping up more and more with each episode, what can you say about what’s still to come for your character and how the events in the next episode will affect things, going forward? 

PEYTON LIST:  I think what’s wonderful about having this much time, in having 22 episodes for the first season of a show, is that you’ve gotten to know these people, and you’ve gotten to know how they make choices and decisions, and why they make those decisions.  When you have all of this action in the last few episodes, you understand why each character is taking each path that they are.  It’s not predictable, why they do it, but it’s been fun to read where the characters go and to shoot it because you feel like you can understand them.  It’s good to have that because we don’t have much time to explain with so much happening.  

From the beginning of this series, we didn’t know that this would be a show that did these flashbacks and backstories.  It’s such a cool way of having the audience understand who these people are, and how they came to be where they are and pick the sides that they do.  It’s been a really big treat, and it’s really wonderful for especially the storyline we have going on at the end.  You have all of these mysterious, manipulative, incredibly powerful men who are saying, “It’s this way,” and you don’t even know where to begin to decide who to believe.  We have more backstory and flashbacks coming up for them, which will shed so much light on why they are in these positions of power.  I think it’s really a cool way of telling that story. 

Without giving anything away, what was your reaction when you read the finale script and found out how the season would end? 

LIST:  I was exhausted.  I put the script down and I was tired, just thinking about it.  So much happens, and not just to one character or a couple of characters.  It affects everybody, across the board.  How the storylines play out affects them all, in different ways.  Because it’s so fast-paced, especially at the end, a lot of the things that happen, that force somebody to make a decision, they’re split-second decisions that can lead to chaos and mayhem.  In the finale, the fights are bigger and the powers are bigger.  It’s the final showdown.  I’m very, very, very excited for the finale.  What’s great is that the finale doesn’t come out of nowhere.  We are prepping for the finale, starting with Episode 17.  We planted the seeds for what the story was going to be, and from 17 on, the train has started and it gets faster and faster and faster.  By the time we get to Episode 21, you’re just hurdling forward with the story.  I hope everybody enjoys it.  It’s a lot.

Was it nice to get to let loose a little bit, with this next episode, and get to have a party and not have to worry about the fighting, at least for one scene?

LIST:  It’s so strange because when I look and see that I’m wearing four-inch heels, I don’t even know what show I’m on.  These characters never have a moment to just be, and let loose and be happy.  The idea of letting the guard down just brings up, especially for Cara, all these bad memories of the last time she thought it was safe to just be like, “Oh, they won’t find us.  Everything is fine.  We can just be normal people,” there was mayhem and Tomorrow People died.  Cara felt that was partially her fault.  She had really pushed for throwing caution to the wind.  John didn’t want Tomorrow People to let their guard down, and she wanted them to just have a good time and be people, and she took away from that, that she should listen to him.  So, the idea that everything is okay is not always going to sit well with Cara because the last time she did that, she shouldn’t have.  It’s definitely a different thing, on this show, when we’re actually dressed up and going for a night out on the town.  It’s bizarre.  But, who knows?  It might not pan out as badly as before.

What was it like to get to explore the relationship between Cara and her sister?  

LIST:  Cara has said, over and over again, that the Tomorrow People are her family, but I think that’s because her actual family was ripped away from her so quickly and abruptly.  She was still a teenager.  She still wanted and needed that family, in some way.  So, she found it in the Tomorrow People.  Having her actual sister break out was mind-blowing.  I think it was probably something that she always had in the back of her mind, as a possibility, but when it actually happened, there was this incredible revelation.  You got to see the softer and more maternal side of Cara, which has always been there, but has been pushed aside because she’s had to take on this role of leader, where sometimes there’s not always room for that.  For the most part, she’s got her armor on.  Getting to actually spend time and reconnect with her sister was such a cool thing to play.  I enjoyed it because I have a sister.  It was a great thing to get to explore.

At this point, where would you say Cara’s head is at, with both John and Stephen, especially now that we’ve seen a little bit of jealousy there with Stephen and Hillary?

LIST:  Well, it’s never been simple, has it?  It’s one of those things where Cara took a step back from what was happening with getting to close in her relationship with Stephen because not only was it causing problems with John, but it causes turmoil, in general.  When Cara came clean to John about what happened with Stephen, she basically said, “I don’t want to lose you.”  And also, on the other side, she doesn’t want to do something that’s going to make her happy, but cause everybody else to fall apart.  She really needs to keep peace.  That’s the most important thing.  That’s what keeps them sane and alive and able to have clear heads.  

So, she really did take a step back from being too close with Stephen.  And then, slowly but surely, her relationship with John started to mend, but then things fell apart again.  Stephen looks at Cara as the girl he put on a pedestal.  He was doing all of this spying for the Tomorrow People, but for Cara.  He just always turned to her.  All of a sudden now, Hillary is in the mix and his focus is somewhere else.  That was a hard pill for Cara to swallow.  And also, not having Stephen’s 100% loyalty and focus on the Tomorrow People is dangerous for the Tomorrow People, Cara and John.  So, it’s complicated. 

As the season gets closer to the end, will these group of Tomorrow People get tighter over what they’ll have to deal with, or will the events that happen divide them? 

LIST:  It’s a bit of both.  You find characters coming together because, if it’s possible, the stakes get higher, which is just insane.  You see characters get closer, but then you see other characters that you never thought would ever turn on each other, strained to the breaking point.  It’s really a product of the circumstance, and I think it’s what would happen.  It’s not everybody coming together and fighting against one enemy.  When there’s enemies on all sides, you choose your battle lines.  So, it’s a bit of both, really.


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Video: A Sort Of Homecoming (1×20) – Promo

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Video: Modus Vivendi (1×19) – Clip 2

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Interview: Peyton List With Zap2It

Zap2it: With everything getting so tense, what can you say about what is coming for Cara and the other characters?
Peyton List: It’s hard to say what’s going on with one specific character — there is so much information! It’s like information overload for every single character. What’s great about where we are in the season is that we have an end date, we have a finale. What they did is they threaded this main storyline through, they planted the seeds maybe halfway through the season.

So once we got to episode 17, it’s just been this domino effect of a storyline. It’s like we’re just hurtling toward where we get to the end. Usually we have like one or two big twists in an episode, but it feels like from episodes 17-18 forward, it’s massive-bombshell overload. It’s crazy.

We explore that more and more with Roger and Jedikiah and the Founder. It’s filling in and exploring what their story was when you met them in the pilot — what was the back story? You’re not seeing so much back story of the Tomorrow People, the people that are in the subway station, because there’s so much happening in the present. We have some Roger and Jedikiah back story which deals with some of the revelations that have been happening. It feels like, from [episode] 19 where we come back on Monday, it’s almost like one long saga. It’s been like a ride for all the actors.

They’re not letting us stop and breathe. It’s crazy.

How is that affecting Cara, and will she be able to choose a side?
She can be very impulsive. She’s very decisive most of the time, but since she became leader, her decision-making has sort of shifted. She is making decisions for all the people she’s responsible for, so you see her be much more cautious than I think she was at the beginning of the season, when she was responsible, but the responsibility really was more on John. Now it’s kind of taking the track where she’s going, “Let’s take all of the information that we have.” Stephen is making decisions more based on instinct, which is much like Cara before. Now she’s going, “Let’s look at what’s on paper here.”

It’s tough, because you’re dealing with these incredibly intelligent men in the Founder and Jedikiah — and master manipulators. So it’s very difficult in these episodes — who do you trust? Do you trust your instincts or do you trust the track record? It’s hard to say. I find that Cara is trying to be cautious and not alienate people who are picking both sides. But she’s kind of going, “Who do you trust when neither is trustworthy?” It’s a tough call, but you see a lot of the characters’ — for lack of a better word, character — and personality when they choose which side to believe. … She does choose a side eventually.

Since we don’t know what’s coming next, how has that been to play?
When we had the script and I read it, I didn’t know who, from the script, was the good one and the bad one. Then you gave it over to the actors, and they just made it even more complicated to believe and hard to trust. It’s like, “What did that mean when he said that like that?” It’s great fun playing that, especially when it was written well. And it could be either/or. It could be either one.

What does all this craziness mean for Cara’s relationships with John and Stephen?
Cara’s settled in a little bit more in the role of leader, and that’s sort of put a lot of the romantic stuff on the back burner. She’s managed to mend her relationship with John, although it’s a different relationship than from before all these problems and things happened and things fell apart. She always has this closeness with Stephen, but there’s even a stronger bond with all of these characters because the stakes have gotten so high. They keep running for their lives, and they’ve bonded together in that camaraderie and being on the same team.

It creates a lot of interesting relationships between the characters. And it strains some of them to the breaking point in ways I didn’t see coming.

The relationships sort of are living in the moment. They’re living in what’s being thrown at them. They’re not really living in the past of what has transpired. Nothing is forgiven and forgotten, per se, but they’re not really dwelling on those things.


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Interview: Peyton List With Access Hollywood

AccessHollywood.com: First things first — Simon Merrells’ character is named Bathory! Who came up with that? Have you guys figured that one out yet?
Peyton List: No, I have no idea. But he does actually have a first and last name, if you believe it, which is very confusing too because his daughter doesn’t go by his last name, so it’s always veiled in all the secrecy. But yeah, he’s always been The Founder.

Access: What does the back of Simon’s chair say on set? Do they change it?
Peyton: Do they switch out the chair backs? No. And you know what’s funny is it’s become such a common thing to call him The Founder, it’s almost too familiar to call him by his surname, so a lot of us still stick to The Founder, because it carries this weight to it and this gravity and it’s just, I don’t know, just saying The Founder is intimidating.

Access: Last episode it seemed like Cara got a little jealous of Stephen’s relationship with Hillary. And the previews for this week’s episode hinted at more of that… 

Peyton: That was so much fun to shoot. We had such a great time doing that. We so rarely have some of those jealous moments and Cara doesn’t always show her true feelings. She tries to put up a wall and have this very strong front, but you got to see her react a bit emotionally and a bit off the cuff and it was a cool thing to see. But it also has major implications for The Tomorrow People because not only is it the jealousy of maybe Stephen looking to somebody else for guidance or for unity and choosing somebody else to look after, but that means a lot to The Tomorrow People because Cara, and by de facto, Jon, represent The Tomorrow People in the subway station. If he’s sort of turning away from Cara, is he turning away from all The Tomorrow People? Stephen has been coming into his own more and more and making decisions more for what makes sense to him and not just what would be the best for The Tomorrow People because these guys are evil and these guys are good, and I’ve gotta pick the side of good. All the lines have gotten kind of blurred lately, so he’s really starting to think for himself make his decisions based on what he believes is right, not based on what Cara and John tell him is right.

Access: That’s true, because at the end of the day, The Tomorrow People need Stephen more than ever — especially because he was able to go see his dad recently.
 Absolutely, and Ultra has become more complicated. It used to be simple. It used to be, ‘They are evil, they are bad, they need to be stopped, we have to find breakouts, protect them and keep them away from Ultra.’ Now it’s just, ‘Well, what is Ultra now? And who’s really calling the shots and who’s right and is it changing?’ For The Tomorrow People, not knowing is terrifying for them because you could be blindsided. It gets kind of complicated.

Access: When you live your life on the edge, you don’t know how to not live your life that way.
Peyton: The Tomorrow People sort of have that issue, especially Cara. She’s changed a lot in the course of this season and this year. Maybe she’s was a bit more willing to be trusting and let her hair down and that went horribly wrong, and especially since becoming leader, it’s just go, go, go, be prepared, be alert. Anything can go wrong at any time. So the concept of just taking a breath and being like, ‘Everything’s good. Let’s call it a day,’ and everything you know – your whole existence, isn’t important any more [is foreign to her].

Access: So can The Tomorrow People get out there and party, like the preview hinted, or could there be trouble?
We have to remember that we still have Jedekiah saying one thing, but not knowing if it’s true and he’s always still out there. We have this truce that we’re sort of existing in, but especially for Cara and for John and for The Tomorrow People that have sort of been in charge in the subway station, and have been there for years and years and years — they’re reluctant to believe everything they’re being told. But, you can’t not try. You’ve been fighting this war, searching for an end, so if you see one, you’re gonna have to try to believe it and take that road, but, always weary that it may not be what it seems.

Access: You had the wrap party recently, it looks like it was fun for everyone involved. How was it?

Peyton: It was wonderful. It was so much fun. We got to see a gag reel of the season and it’s nice to be outside of work and take a moment and look back and see what you’ve done. We had to have it a little bit early because the schedule’s sort of been moved around for location purposes and stuff, so we kind of got to celebrate it, but.. we still had one week of work left, which is kind of nice. It’s kind of been great. We’ve been able to keep congregating for work and slowly saying goodbye to the season. Having a show that shoots in Vancouver and is written in LA, sometimes you feel the split and you feel the distance, so some of the writers came up and we were all together and it was really wonderful, just to like have everybody as one.


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Interview: Peyton List With Nerd Repository

In the last new episode Smoke and Mirrors, Cara telepathically connected to Stephen in a, shall we say, “intimate” moment between himself and Hillary. 

That’s a nice way of putting it. [laughs]

Have to stay family friendly! How much of her declaration that they are “losing” Stephen is out of a legitimate fear of him fully joining ULTRA or out of just jealousy of his new relationship?

I think it’s a little bit of both. It’s a little bit of jealousy that Stephen’s not looking to Cara as the number one woman in his life. Which makes her jealous, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But also Hillary works for ULTRA. Her loyalty is not where Cara and John’s loyalty are and if Stephen is starting to maybe have some feelings or be very invested in Hillary, where does that leave them?

From the beginning our goal was to have Stephen as the spy in ULTRA and feeding us information so we can be better prepared to deal with them and keep us safe. Suddenly that seems to be shifting and that’s a very scary thing for Cara, especially as leader, because if she doesn’t have that information, it’s not enough to keep The Tomorrow People protected and safe.

Speaking of her leadership role, do you think Cara would ever willingly give over her leadership spot in The Tomorrow People, or would she always need to be top dog?

Well, I think Cara is very headstrong and stubborn and she always thinks she’s right. I think the idea of someone challenging her within The Tomorrow People who she completely knows and trusts, I don’t think that would be that big of a deal for her.

I think the idea that there’s somebody out there, now that we’re seeing the softer side of ULTRA – someone like Hillary, if she starts to have more sway over Tomorrow People whether it’s Stephen or others, that’s a very scary prospect for Cara. Because if they’re not people in the subway, Tomorrow People, she just doesn’t trust anybody and doesn’t trust anybody to make the right call for what she believes is the right thing. Especially for a choices that will keep everyone alive.

In Monday’s episode Modus Vivendi, it looks like many of The Tomorrow People are ready to call the war over and celebrate but Cara isn’t buying it. Can you tell us about her approach to this “truce”?

Cara’s approach is based on her track record and her past with The Tomorrow People. So many of the people that are living underground are getting restless and it’s a war that they thought probably would be over and done with. It’s something they may have believed in, but has dragged on and they’ve lost more people. They’re starting to look for the light at the end of the tunnel and when this truce comes along a lot of people want that to be okay.

The last time Cara thought everything was okay, it went horribly wrong and they lost people. I think she has learned, especially over the course of this last year, to be much more cautious. She usually makes a lot of decisions with her heart and she would ask questions first and think later.

We’ve come to see that she’s starting to try to process and make rational decisions, whether or not it’s what she wants to be true in her heart. So she’s very wary about ULTRA being A-okay and not the enemy anymore, because it’s just such a foreign concept and she’s not quick to trust anything close to that.

The trailer for the episode makes it look like the characters and the cast are having some goofy fun. Is that the vibe of the episode or are bigger more serious things going on?

We have our moments of levity, but this episode is very pivotal with parts of the story that we’re telling all the way through to the end. So I look at episodes like #16 (Superhero) with The Red Avenger that had some very fun moments and you see a lighter side to The Tomorrow People.

However, we are getting more information as it’s coming in with the final storylines, and as we move forward we’ve got to sort of choose our sides, and we’ve got Jedekiah saying one thing and we’ve got The Founder saying another, but for so long to us they were a united front.

The fact that they’re sort of splitting is hard for The Tomorrow People and the stakes just rev up a bit more. So it’s hard to have those carefree moments when you’re going “Okay, I think this if okay” but they’ve still got Jedikiah out there, and where does that lead everything? It makes you a bit wary to let down your hair. But you also don’t want to be completely against it, so you see them try. And trying is half the battle right?

Have you guys wrapped up the finale yet? I know you were supposed to finished filming very soon. 

Tomorrow [April 11th]. Tomorrow is the last day. I can’t believe it. The last day of the finale. It’s going to be a massive, massive episode. But really, really exciting to shoot. I think what I enjoyed so much is that we’ve got so many questions answered in the 60 minutes that we have, so it’s kind of one thing after the next. It’s crazy.

Mark Pellegrino told me during my interview with him that “The entire universe will change.” Would you say he was accurate?

Quite literally yes.

So he might have actually been doing some clever wordplay there?

Yes. Yep!

Well now that you’re at the end of filming, is there anything specifically you’ll remember or that you’ll take away from your experience during the first season?

Absolutely. I think from the beginning of the season, it’s almost a different world they are existing in because so many things have changed. You sort of spend the first half of the season maybe believing your character is one way or that character is another, and then once you start to see where the writers are planning on going its just becomes such a ride. You evolve so much and how you approach your character evolves so much.

It’s kind of crazy, I look back on the season and I have such vivid memories of each episode and what that was like, and the funny things that happened while we were shooting it and the crazy reveals that we had. I will always remember fondly… me, I’m always the last to know everything, so I get to at least enjoy the fact that I see Robbie [Amell] or Luke [Mitchell] or Aaron [Yoo] running to hair and makeup going “Oh my god, you won’t believe what happened!” and you get so excited.

That’s probably my favorite thing looking back, being on a show that had so many big huge twists at the end – everyone was clawing to see the first drafts of the scripts and beat the other people that had them, because you don’t want to have it spoiled. But it’s always spoiled for me because I’m always the last to read it.

However, I get to enjoy seeing everyone’s excitement and the parts that they love. Especially in television, you get to see all these twists and turns of your character that you don’t see coming. I look back on it very fondly. It’s been a wild ride.

Any news on a renewal?

Well, I have not heard anything on the renewal. But that’s okay, because I’m always the last to know!

I’ve asked the other cast members that I’ve spoken this question, so I’d like to know your take on it as well. If you could have any super-power, not just the ones on the show, do you know what you’d choose?

I do like the teleporting idea. I think that might be the super-power to have. But invisibility would also be great, which I know sounds really bizarre. But hey, it would be awesome!


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Interview: Peyton List With GMMR

How is Cara going to be reacting to all the changes the Tomorrow People are going to be facing, especially with the battle between Jedikiah and the Founder?
Peyton List: Well, I think it’s a tricky situation for Cara, because she doesn’t trust either one of them. [Laughs] Between the Founder and Jedikiah, they’re both well-versed in manipulation and getting what they want, and having people believe what they want them to believe. So, it’s one of those situation for Cara — who is in charge, and responsible for other Tomorrow People, and their safety — to make a decision: who’s right, who’s good, who’s bad, and quickly.

She’s taking the tactic of, let’s step back, what is their end game, what is the other person’s end game, and how are they fitting us in? Are they turning us against each other? What does it mean?

A lot of characters are going to react differently, because a lot of times, people are going to believe what they want to believe. And trying to be rational at the same time is a dilemma for a lot of our characters.

Speaking of rational, Stephen pointed out that Cara’s jealousy may be influencing her reaction to his new relationship. How will that impact how she deals with him?
PL: I think it’s a little bit personal. It will affect what Stephen does, because he’s been so pivotal in helping the Tomorrow People make decisions based on what Ultra is doing. Having him sort of pull away and be independent, and do what he wants to do, versus what is in the best interest of the Tomorrow People is scary for Cara.

She did have some jealousy over the Stephen and Hillary dynamic, because he was always looking to Cara [as] the person to turn to, as the person to look out for, or the person to protect, or the person to help. And it seems like now maybe his investment is changing. And with Cara as a leader, and having the responsibilities she does, that’s a very scary situation to be in.

But, you’ve got so many people telling you different things, between Jedikiah and the Founder, picking a side is a tall order.

Right. When the world’s fate is at stake, every decision carries that much more weight.
PL: It does. Every decision is heightened, it’s so much more important. It’s a scary call to make, because it’s so important. You don’t want to be responsible for making the wrong call.

As Cara is going through all of these things, can she lean on John?
PL: The dynamic with John, she’s always looked up to him as leader, before all of this. He is much more experienced with Ultra and leading the Tomorrow People. They’re not always going to be on the same side, and Cara has the same issue with Stephen: both Stephen and John have their own ties, and their own investments, with Jedikiah, or with Ultra, or with the Founder.

John has always had this emotional and complicated relationship with Jedikiah, which Cara never had. So she’s not always going to see eye-to-eye with John. She can trust John; but she will make up her own mind when it comes to Jedikiah and Ultra, because she doesn’t have the same relationship that Stephen has with Jedikiah, or John has with Jedikiah.

What an you tease about how the Tomorrow People might react if they find out Founder’s motives and actions aren’t as harmless as they’ve been led to believe?
PL: I believe that, particularly with Cara, she’s reluctant to believe what Ultra is saying: that everything will be completely peaceful, we’re going to have a softer approach of how we deal with the species, and how we exist, because it’s still Ultra. She doesn’t work there, she’s not completely in the loop, and they’ve never been true to their word. And they’ve never been on their side. So they may want to believe it, but I think Cara is a bit reluctant. She doesn’t really have a choice going forward, but to try and play along. But it’s sort of walking on thin ice, because you know at any moment, this could all go to hell. So it may not be everything the Founder makes it out to be. Which knowing him, is not entirely surprising. It’s a bit chaotic.

We will be seeing anything more about her family as we head towards the end of the season?
PL: What we’ve done, really, throughout the season with the flashbacks and the backstories and the Tomorrow People in the subway station with John and Russell and Cara, is you sort of get to know them with their backstories.

But what we’re doing now, as we approach the end, is we learn the backstories of Jedikiah, and Roger, and the Founder. You learn how they came to be in the situation they are in the present. It’s all coming to a head: Stephen seeing Roger’s body, everyone believing his body is here, and how does this all come to be? Getting every bit of information, because this has all been leading up to this. This is why they’ve been doing it all along: we’re really more focusing on the present, and how the past with Jedikiah, Rodger, and the Founder relates to the present.

I know you can’t say much, but what can you say about how Roger and the Machine will play into the final episodes?
PL: They have a massive part. They are really the final storyline of the season. We’ve been dropping little bits of information about it, but it’s all going to be unveiled as the next couple of episodes play out. It has much more gravity than we lead you to believe, initially. So it gets kind of crazy.

There’s been a lot, lot, lot of talk about how big the finale is. What can you share about what’s in store?
PL: It’s enormous.

Our scripts are normally about 55-60 pages. I read it, and I felt like I put down a three-hour movie, given how much happens. It doesn’t really slow at all. It’s sort of like that from episodes 20 [and] 21, into the finale. There’s so much stuff we allude to in the season, and as soon as we answer a question, that leads to another, which leads to something else happening. And the powers are massive, the fight scenes are massive, it’s just the biggest showdown you can possibly do.

I hope people enjoy it. It just feels rewarding, at least for the actors, when you’ve played all these small bits of information, all these small things you don’t think much of, and then it’s suddenly revelation, revelation, revelation, into this is causing a huge problem here, and then this is forcing this character to go to this side. It’s a bit on the epic side.


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Video: Modus Vivendi (1×19) – Clip